Building Shell

Air sealing is a cost-effective home performance upgrade, keeping conditioned air in and unconditioned air out of your Bay Area home.

The exterior of your home is commonly referred to as the “building shell.” The building shell (or building envelope) is the border between the conditioned (heated or cooled) and unconditioned air, and it protects you from the elements. It regulates how air moves in and out of your home, repels water, and prevents conditioned air from leaking to the outside. The building shell also regulates the source of the air moving into and out of our home. For example, an open window may offer fresh air while penetrations in walls, floor, and ceilings may allow unhealthy air into your home. Issues in your building shell can have a big effect on home utility bills, durability, and comfort.

Our building shell service begins with a thorough home energy audit, where we identify the root cause of energy-efficiency issues and prioritize solutions. We use energy modeling software, a variety of home performance tests, and building science to guide the process. Many energy-saving solutions include air draft reduction and insulation.

Benefits of Improving Your Building Shell

  • Promote home air quality by reducing air infiltration from areas of the home where poor air quality is likely to exist (attics, crawlspaces, garages, wall cavities)
  • Cut energy bills by keeping conditioned air in and the elements out
  • Stop drafts for greater indoor comfort
  • Promote home durability

Kevel can find where your Bay Area home can be leaking air, leaving your vulnerable to poor indoor air quality.

At Kevel Home Performance, we have the tools and experience to determine how your San Francisco Bay Area home shell is performing. We use an infrared camera and blower door test to identify issues so we can find effective solutions. Kevel Home Performance addresses the root cause of home building shell issues, lowering your energy bills for many years to come.

Air Sealing for Lower Energy Bills

Most homes are not properly air sealed, according to the Department of Energy. Sealing leaks and holes can have a significant impact on home comfort and utility bills. We use tests to identify air leaks, systematically sealing them to fortify your home’s building shell.

Sealing your basement or crawlspace can have a positive effect on the health and comfort of your Bay Area home.

Insulating for Home Comfort

Upgrading home insulation is a great way to cut your energy bills and increase indoor comfort in the San Francisco Bay Area. High-performance insulation works by keeping cold out during the winter and heat out in the summer, saving energy throughout the year. Kevel Home Performance installs a variety of different types of insulation, including cellulose, fiberglass, open-cell foam, and closed-cell foam.