Graham, San Francisco
"Very professional and knowledgeable, excellent customer service. With a new baby, improving the indoor air quality and thermal comfort of our home was a priority - Kevel delivered with great work completed in a timely manner and on budget."
Koralle, Berkeley
"My house was very drafty with no working heat before Kevel came. Now, our formerly broken central heating is working great, and I notice a significant decrease in drafts throughout. I would say that Kevel is very responsive and responsible. I trust them with their knowledge about improving older houses to make them more energy efficient."
William, San Rafael
"Excellent workmanship and attention to detail--as well as to our questions. The understanding of the whole house energy system was exceptional, and the "as-built" system diagrams were a real plus. Our home is more comfortable and our furnace runs less--meaning lower costs and fewer carbon emmisions contributing to climate change."
David, San Anselmo
"Very professional, knowledgeable, pleasant to work with. They found several major problems with our ductwork that have been around for at least 30 years. Noticing a difference already in how the house seems better able to maintain a constant temperature."
Barry, Mill Valley
"Great workmanship and completed in a timely manner by conscientious people. My home temperature is uniform throughout, before the upgrade the downstairs was always a lot colder."
Kay, San Rafael
"Everyone was very friendly, considerate about tracking dirt into the house, kept worksite neat - not to mention did a great job. Brian even came one evening to fix the furnace door which came unlatched so that I could have heat. I was also very impressed about the amount of safety measures for your own health that were used. Job was finished on time."
Laura, San Francisco
"I am very happy with the efficiency, the fit, the look, and the partial sound reduction. Indow Windows are a very good product with obvious benefits. Kevel provided very knowledgeable and professional service. A less expensive and easier alternative to replacing old windows -- my Indow Windows were ordered, made, and installed within six weeks! I was very pleased to be able to keep my beautiful original windows (on a house built in 1905) and still upgrade to an energy efficient alternative....Great company. Highly recommend Kevel and Indow Windows."
Steve, San Francisco
"Feels like a whole different house. No longer do I wake up feeling like I'm camping (i.e. with chilly air feeling like I'm outside). The air sealing I think made the most difference - much more than I had expected. The insulation in the bathroom also keeps it warm and cozy.....Kevel is one of the best contractors I have worked with. Thorough, responsive, fair, and very knowledgeable. They delivered even more benefits than they had promised. Overall I couldn't be happier with their performance and would heartily recommend them to my friends."