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Founded in 2011, Kevel Home Performance is an owner-operated, local contractor dedicated to helping San Francisco homeowners create healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient homes. We offer a range of services including heat pump installation, indoor air quality upgrades, energy audits, and more.

  • Over 30 Years of Combined Home Performance Experience
  • More Than 300 Completed Projects in the Bay Area
  • BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Analysts

What Makes Kevel Home Performance Different?

  1. Our Attention to Detail and Emphasis on Building Science

We take solving the issues that San Francisco homeowners experience in their homes seriously. We see too many local contractors who aren’t doing energy modeling or in some cases even Manual J load calculations, resulting in heating and cooling systems that won’t ever reach their full potential in your home.

Other companies may use rough estimates or “gut instincts” when it comes to helping you select and install a new heat pump system, but as BPI Certified Analysts, Kevel Home Performance doesn’t cut corners.

  1. Our Local Experience and Expertise

With more than 30 years of combined home performance and electrification experience, the team at Kevel Home Performance has extensive knowledge of San Francisco area homes and the unique problems that homeowners face living here.

Having worked exclusively in the city for so long, and with over 300 local projects completed, we will often already have a good idea of what’s causing problems in your home just by the neighborhood you live in!

  1. We Solve Problems in Your Home Using a Home Performance Approach

We pride ourselves as the local heat pump experts, but we’re different from your regular HVAC installer because we approach mechanical home upgrades from a home performance perspective. This means looking at your house as one big, interconnected system. When making upgrades, like installing a heat pump, we consider and factor in how any changes we make will affect the other systems in your home, like your building shell.

With this approach, Kevel Home Performance can help your home reach its full potential for comfort, health, and energy efficiency.

Who Is Kevel Home Performance?

Jeff Pello, Co-Owner and Project Manager

Jeff began his home performance career in 2008. He was initially drawn to the combination of hands-on building skills and the use of diagnostic tools and gadgets to both prescribe and measure the effectiveness of the work. Since then, a focus on high-performance HVAC services has been a natural evolution in his journey to help homeowners improve comfort and indoor air quality while also reducing carbon emissions. 

Jeff is a BPI Certified Building Analyst who has completed over 300 home energy audits and construction projects in the Bay Area. In his free time, he likes to explore nature, cook for friends and family, and see live music.

Brian Besold, Co-Owner and Managing Partner

Brian Besold is a contractor and designer with over 35 years of experience working in the built environment. He is a BPI-Certified Building Analyst and a licensed California General and HVAC contractor.

Brian co-founded Kevel Home Performance in 2011. As Managing Partner, Brian is responsible for lead acquisition, project design development, and strategic development.

Brian gained expertise in building performance at Recurve, a San Francisco company that developed software for the national market. At Recurve, formerly Sustainable Spaces, he completed hundreds of home performance remodels and served several positions, including crew member, crew lead, engineer, special projects coordinator, and project manager.

When he was a teenager, Brian discovered his passion for building in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he spent summer breaks working as a carpenter on track homes and building skateboard ramps with friends. He obtained a B.S. in Environmental Design from The University of Colorado’s School of Architecture. Brian has spent the last three decades studying the languages of many building materials and methods, such as stick frame, timber frame, earth, straw bale, light-straw clay, and more recently, sheet metal, mastic, and caulking.

Brian currently resides in Petaluma, CA. As a long-time Bay Area resident, the natural environment continues to feed his passion for efficiency and sustainability. He enjoys exploring the natural offerings of Northern California, fishing, and surfing the coastline with his family and friends.

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