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Indoor air quality is often the missing ingredient in an otherwise healthy home. Homeowners throughout San Francisco commonly deal with respiratory issues, indoor allergies, asthma, pollen, and other air pollutant problems, like wildfire smoke. The good news is that heating and cooling systems can be upgraded to remove contaminants and improve air quality.

Kevel Home Performance is dedicated to making Bay Area homes healthier and more comfortable. Learn more about our advanced ventilation and air filtration system installation services today.

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Although we often think of air pollution as being a problem with outdoor air, indoor air is commonly two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Cleaner, healthier air in your home can make a dramatic difference in your health. The benefits of improved indoor air quality include:

  • Fewer asthma and allergy triggers
  • Reduced indoor pollen, dust, pet dander, fumes, and smoke
  • Preventing moisture issues and mold growth
  • Promoting overall occupant health and wellbeing


Air can carry contaminants as it travels through your home. When California homes are poorly ventilated, pollution is trapped inside and pollutant levels can continue to build and build. Ventilation is a highly effective way to reduce indoor pollutant levels, exchanging stale indoor air with outdoor air that’s been filtered to remove contaminants.

Kevel Home Performance installs Zehnder heat recovery ventilation systems, or HRVs. These systems help remove moisture and stale air from the home.

Heat recovery ventilation systems are designed to exchange inside air with outdoor air while minimizing heat loss or heat gain. In the winter, outgoing (exhaust) air warms the incoming, cool outside air. In the summer, the process is reversed and the incoming, warm outside air is cooled by the outgoing air. No matter what time of year, HRVs minimize the amount of work your heating or cooling system needs to do to condition incoming outside air.

All of the HRVs that Kevel installs come with high-performance air filtration systems. We can even install models that feature an additional operating mode where indoor and outdoor air isn’t exchanged, but instead indoor air is continuously circulated through your system. This can help create healthier indoor air (as your air is constantly being filtered) during wildfire events or other times when outdoor air quality levels are poor and you don’t want to bring outdoor air into your home.


Any home heating and cooling system, including heat pumps, has an air filter designed to remove particulates from air as it circulates through the system. But many homeowners want their air filtered beyond the level that your equipment is capable of, for example, to meet HEPA filtration standards. That’s where advanced air filtration system installation from Kevel comes in.

We install whole-house air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilation systems from Aprilaire, a trusted name in the IAQ and healthy home industry for more than 50 years. These products help reduce air pollution, better control indoor humidity, and work with all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment. Even when space is limited, we can seamlessly integrate an Aprilaire system into your home, delivering fresh air with your existing ductwork.


With more than 30 years of combined experience working exclusively in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Kevel Home Performance prides itself on understanding the unique issues that local homes and buildings face, including problems that create unhealthy air in homes.

Our indoor air quality services are designed to meet two important principles:

  1. A comfortable home is a healthy home.
  2. Home performance and electrification upgrades include carefully designed mechanical systems that work together to promote comfort, health, and energy savings.

Kevel has been helping homeowners solve a wide variety of air quality and comfort issues for well over a decade—reach out today and let us know more about the things you’d like to change in your home.

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