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A properly-functioning heating and cooling system is necessary for home comfort and energy efficiency. If you have comfort issues or high energy bills, we can inspect your San Francisco-area home and your heating and cooling system to determine the cause. Kevel Home Performance takes a comprehensive, whole-house approach to comfort and energy efficiency. We identify the root cause of home performance issues and prioritize energy-saving solutions based on building science.

Heat pumps

We install electric heat pumps in San Francisco Bay Area homes to help homeowners keep their living spaces comfortable year-round. Learn more about how Kevel Home Performance can help you improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home!


Whole-house fans are an effective and efficient way to cool and ventilate homes, while promoting both home comfort and indoor air quality. These fans draw out heat, moisture, and odors, while bringing in a stream of cool, fresh outdoor air. Whole-house fans typically use 90% less energy to operate than air conditioning systems, significantly lowering your cooling costs. Kevel Home Performance proudly installs AirScape whole house fans.


For your heating and cooling systems to operate properly in San Francisco Bay Area homes, they must be sized properly. Both oversizing and undersizing a system can cause it to use more energy while decreasing home comfort. Kevel Home Performance makes accurate heating and cooling load calculations, as these are the foundation for right-sizing the HVAC equipment and ductwork.

We are also skillful in identifying ways to cut your heating and cooling costs. Kevel Home Performance is certified by the Building Performance Institute and is highly skilled in taking a whole-house approach to energy efficiency.

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